Our Taproom

The Tables
Our tables, benches & bar top are all made from trees from our farm near Fairbury, NE. They were milled at Big Red Saw Mill and finished in the brewery. Each board was hand planed, sanded for hours and assembled right here. They are finished with Rubio Monocoat which is a plant-based hardwax oil finish. 
Lots of time and love went into building them thanks for respecting our property while enjoying our space. 
The Kid's Room 
We love having a space for families to enjoy time together while you're responsibly enjoying our products.  
  1. Your kids need to be seated with you or playing nicely in the kid's room at all times
  2. Absolutely NO running, jumping, screaming, climbing on tables or etc 
  3. This is a public space for ALL people. It's important that all of our guests enjoy their experience
  4. This is not a playground or a daycare
We appreciate your business and your cooperation! 
Please note, you may be asked by our staff to attend to your kids if we feel they’re being too rowdy or disruptive to other customers. 
Your Experience 
We want you to have the best time while you're here! The atmosphere is most certainly on purpose, let it be a part of your enjoyment! 
We do ID EVERYONE and won’t serve you without it. Please make sure you come prepared - even if you’re 105. We are not doing this to give you a hard time, we are doing this because it's the law.